Update: Eight Day Refugee Action

There are some new developments with regard to the torch-walk which is planned for Friday and the “No Person is Illegal” demonstration on Saturday. Today (15-11-2012), we also received a letter from the Ministry of Safety and Justice. Look below for the latest updates.

Letter from the Ministry of Safety and Justice
Today a letter was delivered by the police to the refugee camp in Den Haag. The letter was sent by the Ministry of Safety and Justice. The message, in short, is as follows: We can get shelter at the “Freedom Limiting Location” (VBL) in Ter Apel, if we work towards returning to our native countries. “Foreigners who want to can always go back,” the Ministry stated. We cannot go back, even if we sometimes wish to, because if we go back, we cannot be sure for our lives. We will go forward until a real solution for our problem is found. This letter will be published on our website as soon as possible

Friday: Torch-walk
The city has banned the use of torches. The judge decided this today without a hearing taking place. Even though alderman Noorder walked a few days ago during the Diwali festival with a torch, the torches still remain forbidden for us.
Double standards!
Our lawyer was not aware that a decision would be made without a hearing. Because of this, we were not in an optimal position to defend ourselves. Our lawyer has also placed a complaint. Unfortunately, this can not lift the ban.
“They have made it impossible for us to memorialize the victims of this refugee policy in the manner in which we want to,” according to a camp spokesman.
The memorial march will take place anyway. Everyone please come, remember and protest with us!
Location: Koekamp, The Hague

Time: 19:00

Saturday: demonstration, “No person is illegaal!”
To end the Eight Days of Action, there will be a demonstration under the motto, “No person is illegal!” With as many people and organizations as possible, we want to let our voices be heard for our Right to Exist en against the plan to make “illegality” a criminal offense. Come and bring your family and friends!
The time has been changed because unfortunately the arrival of Sinterklaas will take up the whole city center at the time which we wanted to demonstrate. The demonstration, which would have taken place at 14:00 has now been moved to 16:00.
Location: Koekamp

Time: 16:00

We want a humane solution for all refugees! We are deported refugees who can’t go back to the land that we come from. We can’t be sent away, but also receive no residence permit. Because of this, we live without basic human rights, which everyone is entitled to. We are not only fighting for the people in our situation, but for all of the refugees who instead of being cared for are put away in asylum seekers’ centers, detention centers or are left to fend for themselves on the street without healthcare, shelter, and the prospect of a decent existence. A country such as the Netherlands should care for people who leave their homeland in order to make a normal life for themselves. This is everyone’s right! People do not flee without reason!
We hope that as many people as possible will come to the demonstration. We can use all the help. After many unfair sanctions imposed on us by the city of the Hague and another “go-to-hell” letter it is now more than ever necessary to let our voices be heard.

We want shelter and the right to stay! No Person is Illegal!

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