Our friend Nashwan is no more. Monday May 6th commemoration at the Koekamp.

On Thursday the 25th of April our friend Nashwan went from the Vluchthuis to his cousin near the Haagse Markt. Unfortunately he never arrived. He had a heartattack on the street and died later in the hospital.
On Friday the 26th his cousin came to the Vluchthuis with the message that Nashwan never arrived at his house. Which was very strange as Nashwah always let people know where he would be. After we had called all hospitals and police stations without any news we got an uneasy feeling. Where could he be? After four days of uncertainty we reported him to the police as a missing person. Within half an hour we got the terrible news that he had sufferend a heartattack which he didn’t survive, and that his body was at Westeinde hospital. Nashwan was only 42 years old.

The strange thing is that Nashwan carried a so called ‘W’ document, which bears his name. When we called the Westeinde hospital after he went missing they told us he wasn’t there. When we called again later we got the same message. After he was found the police went to his old address where he used to live with his wife and son in 2011, but both his wife and son have already been deported. The police never bothered to check his cellphone, where we called him about 40 times. If they would have done, we would have known about his fate the same day. This leaves his friends and family with a lot of questions.

Last Thursday there was a commemoration for Nashwan at the mosque, after which his body was brought to Schiphol airport to be flown to Iraq to be buried there. His family requested that nothing be published on the internet before his body returned home.

Nashwan was an important and respected person within the group of refugees who have been protesting their situation for over a year already. He was always there for everybody, and shared everything with others. His passing is a huge blow to all of us. That’s why, tomorrow the 6th of May we will hold a commemoration for him under the big tree at the Koekamp. We’ll gather at 19:00 at the city hall and will walk to the Koekamp from there. There will be opportunity to talk, say a few words, be together or lay flowers.

Nashwan, rest in peace, you will not be forgotten.

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